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Creating and launching breakthrough products is the tip of the product development iceberg. In order to fully capitalize on market opportunity, it has to happen rapidly. Our Research to Pre-production service facilitates quick product launches in the demanding competitive industries where you compete. 

PHASE 1: Market research


We create a visual representation that charts the intersection of your brand with your competitors’ current posture in the market and with different types of products. 

The “Categories boards” will communicate the DNA of customer’s taste that will then be transferred to products details.

PHASE 2: Ideation


In this Phase, we translate the research into design concepts aimed at physically, visually and emotionally connecting with the customer. The design directions are conceptual product sketches that maintain your strong brand image, but also give you a competitive edge.

PHASE 3: Specifications


At this stage, we begin an iterative process of refining the concepts. Through an exchange of ideas, we weigh aesthetics, ergonomics, technology and the manufacturing methods available within the identified price point. This stage results in drawings that will be used in production by factory engineers.

PHASE 4: 3D modeling


Our team can provide various types of 3D files that you can use for visual verification, 3D print or to transfer to mold makers.

Phase 5: Pre-production


Hands-on production assistance provides for an ongoing review of samples throughout the  production process. Where appropriate, we refine the assembly and manufacturing